Quick Facts

  • Character: Bustling, friendly, diverse
  • Businesses: Guilds, import/export, halfling goods, armor/weapons, luxury and common foodstuffs, taverns/inns, bowyers, jewelers, carpenters, masons, one incense seller (Tez’Lea the tiefling), one bookseller (mostly instruction/technical manuals for various trades)
  • Located south of the halfling shantytown and north of the main road.
  • Most guild headquarters located on Bay Road (The main thoroughfare leading from the main road to the halfling shantytown
  • Guard Detail: (rough estimate) 55 guards in 3-5 man patrols with 10 permanently installed on the main road
  • Population: 696 at last census
  • Demographics: 60% human, 25% halfling, 10% dwarf, 5% other


A look down Soldier’s Road in Chatterstreet, a side street leading to the lower district’s main barracks

Sharp’s Turn, the side street leading to the base of the cliff (and the merchant’s guild)

The western gate into town. This road divides Chatterstreet from Southspur and Raven Town


East of the Mountains. Wolfensteine