Quick Facts

  • Character: Quiet, modest
  • Businesses: Traders, private investigator, guardian of nature, horse+cart services, blacksmiths, leatherworkers, loggers
  • Neighborhood from eastern edge of the city, hugging the cliff, to the main road
  • The Valenwood Forest is in this district
  • Guard detail: Unknown. Schedule changes often. Includes scouts on the outskirts of town.
  • Population: 1,222 at last census
  • Demographics: 60% human, 15% gnome, 15% halfling, 10% other

Some Locations

  1. Raisfeld Square: Large local park south of the forest, joins the two main roads. Hilly, with some small ponds, and well maintained.
  2. Park Estates (Fenced in properties south of Raisfeld Square)
  3. Forest Mansions (Mansions on the border of the forest, owned by rich locals, who treat the near-forest as their backyard.
  4. Captain of the Lower City Guard is here, by the Church of Retribution
  5. Scott Brown Realty is headquartered here. The major real estate agency in the city.

Notable Businesses and Figures

The Dancing Dryad

  • Strip Club run by Diana, a prominent tiefling businesswoman.
  • Their headliners are a pair of actual dryad sisters
  • They serve many drinks and some modest food


  • Teluride is an old man, dedicated to organizing the written history of the city. He works with an apprentice or two at a time, and pays his rent by giving information or access to his library in exchange for small fees.

The Excited Spoon

  • A restaurant with enchanted self-operating spoons run by a local wizard/chef

Church of Retributuion

  • A local church to Pelor/Heironeous/Corellon
  • Building shaped like a large sword stuck in an elaborate stone. There is a bell in the hilt of the sword that is only rung in the event of an undead invasion.
  • Only about five priests, but also one of the main local graveyards. They live behind the church.

School of Trickery

  • A place for Rogues, Rangers, and even Sorcerors to hone their crafts of misdirection and trickery.
  • There is also a shrine to Olidamarra here

The Little Raven Market

  • A small covered market under a tent where Pearl Way meets Forger’s Way.
  • The place to come for less-than-common goods or services
  • For discreet clients looking for discreet service

Lower City Guard

  • A low, stone building where guards rest/eat, and take citizen complaints.
  • The head of the lower city guard is Harken, an old bushy-bearded man who is constantly puffing on his pipe.



Harken, Captain of the Lower City guard


Teluride, Chief Scribe and knowledge-keeper


A view walking north into the Eastwatch town square, with West Hill and Silver Hill looming in the distance


A typical Eastwatch alley


East gate seen from the outside.


East of the Mountains. Wolfensteine