Fish Markets

Quick Facts

  • Character: Tiny, bustling friendly
  • Businesses: Fish markets, other food markets, some goods vendors, a few exotic goods vendors
  • Few surrounding houses. Just north of Southspur along the main road
  • Consists only of the market with many live-in stands, and a few houses clustered just south of the market for the more successful vendors. Most salesmen and families live in the shacks/tents they peddle their wares from. Renting space here is cheap so it’s a common first step.
  • All common goods, and some exotic goods can be found here.
  • Initially built at the crossroads of Bay Road and the main road, this small collection of hastily built wooden shacks and tents is much more than just a fish market now. This large market square is where people of all classes (though rarely from Silver Hill) come for many kinds of goods, initially fish, then all foods, now food and whatever else the vendors are selling these days (which changes often.) The narrow spaces between tents are packed well into the night.
  • Guard Detail: 30, 15 2-man patrols.
  • Population: 40% human, 40% halfling, 20% other



A less busy section of the market, occasionally occupied by performers.


A crowded walkway between two rows of busy stands.

Fish Markets

East of the Mountains. Wolfensteine