Fish Markets

Quick Facts

  • Character: Tiny, bustling friendly
  • Businesses: Fish markets, other food markets, some goods vendors, a few exotic goods vendors
  • Few surrounding houses. Just north of Southspur along the main road
  • Consists only of the market with many live-in stands, and a few houses clustered just south of the market for the more successful vendors. Most salesmen and families live in the shacks/tents they peddle their wares from. Renting space here is cheap so it’s a common first step.
  • All common goods, and some exotic goods can be found here.
  • * Berter, the exotic meat vendor, has a large collection of dried exotic meats, and several fresh meat varieties at a given time.
  • Initially built at the crossroads of Bay Road and the main road, this small collection of hastily built wooden shacks and tents is much more than just a fish market now. This large market square is where people of all classes (though rarely from Silver Hill) come for many kinds of goods; initially fish, then all foods, now food and whatever else the vendors are selling these days (which changes often.) The narrow spaces between tents are packed well into the night.
  • Guard Detail: 30, 15 2-man patrols.
  • Population: 352 at last census
  • Demographics: 40% human, 40% halfling, 20% other



A less busy section of the market, occasionally occupied by performers.


A crowded walkway between two rows of busy stands.

Fish Markets

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