Knights of Solamnia

Solamnic Headquarters

The Knights have repurposed a small lot just east of town and built a tiny stone “fortress” the size of a large house. With just enough rooms for them to sleep/cook/eat in, and a training range outside, it is very modest and very sturdy. They commissioned the Hands of Thorbardin to build it for them. It is about a 10 minute walk outside the Eastwatch Gate

The Knights

An ancient order of Knights that is very exclusive, they abide by an antiquated code of honor that most modern people consider laughable. Saluting enemies, never retreating from a fight, protecting weak willed women (which they consider all women) and not taking cheap shots are among this code of honor.

Their presence in this town dates back to when it was just a castle with surrounding farmland and a small village. They took on the citizens surrounding the castle as their protectorates in addition to serving the local lord. When the human empire was consolidated thousands of years ago, the Knights of Solamnia thrived as they already had many chapters all over, and they were able to establish a unified presence quickly. They became a sort of ‘interpol’ where required. With the dissolution of the major empire, the individual chapters lost contact (due to lack of necessity and strong leadership) and are slowly dying off. No one knows how many total members there are. The local chapter is 4 Knights and 2 Squires.

Knights of Solamnia

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