Merchant's Guild

Building of the Merchant’s Guild HQ

A small building of red painted wood with gold trim, and orange window trim. It is located at the end of a side road between the base of the cliff and the edge of the lake.
The inside is heavily decorated with golden urns, goblets, ancient necklaces and trinkets, and more rugs and artwork than could ever be imagined. Rugs ranging in style from faraway long-lost dragonborn clans, to local weaver’s most recent creations.
Though no trading occurs directly in this building, each member of the council is given an office, there are several large meeting rooms, an outdoor seating area, a gathering room, obviously bathrooms, and other essentials. There is a small kitchen and several chefs/servers who operate it. A lowly member of the Merchant’s Guilld is tasked with keeping order among these employees.
There is a large mural on the inside wall, two figures riding a small skiff of solid gold over a wave of gemstones and rubies. One figure stands tall and stocky like a human, the other is clearly a halfling. The ceilings are also quite ornate, a grid of gold-painted wooden beams with recessed squares painted varying shades of dark red, purple, and rich brown.


Geoff Wilkins: Mentioned above, serves as the head of the merchant’s guild.

Moro Cutton: a female halfling who represents the interests of a group of the higher end halfling merchants. She is suspicious of Otho

Syagrius Woodwort: a female halfling who elected to represent her family and her family-in-law. They are not particularly fond of the Cuttons or who they represent, and are not confident enough in Otho to represent them, so the families (Woodwort and Bilberry) elected Syagrius to represent them.

Otho Whitbottom: a halfling who represents the interests of the remaining halfing merchants

Erlan Hamon: an elf who is good friends with Naerumar and serves as his ambassador to the council, as Naerumar is too busy to attend the meetings himself.

Darian Haggen: a human who represents the lower-end merchants of the city. Basic food vendors, blacksmiths, and that sort of thing.

Elia Faulter: a human female who represents The Silver Hill Apartments, as they import a sizable quantity of commodities for their tenants.

Antigo Brandell: a human male who represents the higher-end merchants of the city. Rare goods sellers, exotic meats purveyors, etc.

Lagiocrus: A tall and thin pale-white man who represents a group of merchants called “The silver nail trading company” and he is simply interested in the trade of Brindinford.

Derry who represents the farming communities and their interests

Merchant's Guild

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