Ratcatcher's Guild

Ratcatcher’s HQ

Their guild hall is the long and narrow building to the right of the main entrance to the halfling district. The wood paneling on the outside is peeling away, and their insignia hanging over the door is chipping paint. This insignia is a graphic depiction of a rat snapping in half in a primitive trap. Inside it smells of sawdust and saliva. It is dimly lit and sqalid. The pay is good. People hate rats.

Current Events

Lately, the rat population has been on a steep decline. “Feels like it’s half what it was last week,” Ol’ Shivers said to Barrel recently.

Ol’ Shivers has been telling tales of the rat with a glowing whisker for years, but none had ever seen him until one day when Hunkle swears she did. She and Kunkle were in an alley in Raven Hill near dark when they saw it scurry by. The light from one of its whiskers was unmistakable. When she told Ol’ Shivers, he vowed to come out of retirement to kill the slick son of a bitch (but hasn’t.)


Ol’ Shivers

  • 65-year-old human male, stands with a hunch
  • Missing his right leg below the knee, and both pinkies.
  • Thinning gray hair and a patchy beard
  • He gets tremors sometimes and mostly sits around repairing traps. Doesn’t go out into the field much


  • Barrel took this job to fuel his alcoholism with as little responsibility as he could find. He’s the best catcher around since ol’ shivers had to retire.
  • Middle-aged, pot bellied, and jovial, Barrel is always good for a laugh.
  • No one knows his real name, but it’s a safe bet he’s either drinking from a barrel or thinking about one.
  • Happy to offload his actual responsibilities, and he hired Hunkle and Kunkle “to get two dimwits for the price of one!”


  • A young half-elf man from Southspur, his mother died at a young age. He took the job to help his father feed his younger siblings.
  • He is friendly if talked to but not extensively chatty.

Former Members

Hunkle and Kunkle [Deceased]

  • Twin dwarf sisters with long, curly brown hair and not much in the way of brains
  • They wanted to work together, but most places don’t tend to do tag-team interviews, or want tag-team workers. Barrel did
  • They were happy to carry on conversations about local gossip and rumors, but their topics of conversation didn’t extend much further.
  • Although they constantly tried to finish each other’s sentences, they were usually wrong.

Ratcatcher's Guild

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