Quick Facts

  • Character: Seedy, neglected, resentful, reclusive
  • Businesses: Taverns/inns, blacksmiths, leatherworkers, ratcatcher’s guild, coffee shop, janitorial services, carpenters, taxidermy, healers
  • East of Raven Town up until Eastwatch, and to the southern edge of town
  • Ratcatchers guild and Janitorial Services have sattelite offices here
  • Guard Detail: Many. Unknown schedule but includes scouts to the south/southeast
  • Lots of buildings in disrepair or abandoned. Some areas under gang influence where they extort for “protection.”
  • The Lost Boys are a group of children rumored to operate as spies in this neighborhood.
  • Lots of small shops run out of homes and street carts.
  • Big homeless problem.
  • Population: 1860 at last census
  • Demographics: 40% human, 25% halfling, 15% dwarf, 10% elf, 5% half-orc, 5% gnome



One of the nicer areas of Southspur


An elevated view of southspur from the Bell Tower with the castle in the distance.


A typical Southspur street after the janitorial services crew has done their work. A couple more street views:




A view from the main road, separating Southspur from Chatterstreet


East of the Mountains. Wolfensteine