The League of Diviners

Building of Diviners HQ

Gilifar is the sole representative of this guild whose offices are the first floor of her house. Members share a highly guarded secret that enables them to communicate across massive distances. She is tapped into current events across the known world and is on good terms with the king who consults her often. Her house is long and narrow and packed with books, exotic animal bones, jars of colorful liquid, scrolls, floating weaponry, and other magical curiosities. The outside is painted a dark red with bright purple trim on the windows and all her doors.


Gilifar is commonly known around town as one of the Lord’s councilors when a matter involves anything more than 100 miles away. How she gets this information is a mystery, but she is very useful, and seems level headed. She has refused to give information on several occasions, and the lord always respects her decision to do so. She respects his control over his temper, and this is mainly why she chooses to give him information. An elf, Gilifar has lived under the rule of many local lords, and has not always proven so cooperative. She is a magic user, and the court wizard distrusts her greatly.

The League of Diviners is highly secretive, and their size/membership is a highly guarded secret.

The League of Diviners

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