Valenwood Forest


When the town was settled, a small pocket of forest was left at the base of the cliff. The townspeople love it, though no one travels too deep into the forest. Rumors of mysterious creatures living deep in the woods are common, and it’s big enough that this is certainly possible.

The “outer wood” refers to the area commony explored by travelers. The road through Hex Alley is used as the border between the outer/inner woods. The inner woods are much more hilly, with outcroppings of rock running between the raised cliffs on either side. The elevation increases quickly the deeper you get into the woods, sometimes requiring you to climb these sheer rock faces to progress.

The types of trees change as you get deeper as well, shifting from oak, chestnut and birch to mostly pine, fir, hemlock, and other evergreens. The vines and moss grow thicker and thicker as you get deeper as well, some say to prevent outsiders from bothering the denizens of the forest, and others say to hide a secret entrance to the Thieve’s Guild. (There are about 500 different spots rumored to be secret entrances to the Thieve’s Guild, so these rumors are not taken very seriously.

The town has assigned a small patrol to the borders and road of the Valenwood, after the one time a wild Owlbear wandered onto the forest road looking for food and killed several townspeople.

Locations in the Inner wood

The Emerald Hill is a small hill carved of pure emerald, long before this land was settled. It is a low hill, about 25’ at its highest point, but it is hollow, and rarely sees any travelers or visitors. There are a few remnants of campfires and leather scraps.

Shrines to Obad-Hai and Melora stand on opposite sides of a deep, shallow lake known as The Rift, due to superstitions that it leads to an alternate dimension if one can only find the hidden cave at its depths. Because of these rumors, most of the townspeople avoid this lake, so it is usually undisturbed save for a few local druids who come here to meditate. It’s on the border of the outer and inner wood.


The clearing used as a landmark on hunting trips with Jansen and Istorius, seen when entering from the North.

Valenwood Forest

East of the Mountains. Wolfensteine