West Hill

Quick Facts

  • Character: eccentric and intellectual
  • Businesses: booksellers, scholarly specialists, supplies/reagents, artisan craftsmen, potionmakers
  • Omnichurch is here
  • Large structure on the border of the northwest park is a museum
  • Gilifar lives here
  • Guard detail: (Rough Estimate) 30 guards divided into 3-man patrols with several on gate duty.
  • Some dwarves bought small houses and dug larger living estates underneath them, which doesn’t increase their property tax
  • Also a large amount of Gnomes and Halflings who have smaller but quite elaborate residences
  • Many lesser nobles live here, they cannot afford Silver Hill but consider themselves above the lower city.
  • Population: 1,348 at last census
  • Demographics: 50% human, 15% gnome, 14% dwarf, 10% halfling, 10% elf, 1 dragonborn


An intersection in the commerce district of West Hill

A view of the West Hill town square


The gate leading from the lower district’s main road into West Hill, with the castle in the distance

The gate leading from West Hill to Silver Hill, over the ancient dwarven bridge.

West Hill

East of the Mountains. Wolfensteine